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Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport

We came accross a recent event involving a (2-stroke) engine failure during take-off of a DPM; this made us aware of something that might be of interrest for your federation members.
Air Accident Investigation Unit (Belgium)

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Engine manufacturers advise ULM owners to preserve their engine if it is not operated for a long period (they speak about 4-8 weeks, but it is evidently the case during the winter period).

For the popular Rotax engine, there are Service Bulletins available, or information in the Owner's manual;

We have not yet confirmed that the event referred to hereabove has any relation to the preservation of the engine for the winter period, but it is at least considered as likely,

In short, it would be advisable to remind owners to look into the "preservation" section of the owners manual upon closing the "flying season".

In accordance with Annex 13 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, it is not the purpose of the Air Accident Investigation Unit to apportion blame or liability. The sole objective of the investigation and the reports produced is the determination of the causes, and define recommendations in order to prevent future accidents and incidents.


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